March 27, 2023

The family bought their own small ship after saving money, now they are traveling the world by taking a 14-month vacation

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Viral News: What can a common man do with his job or money…buy a nice bungalow…buy a luxury car, as well as vacation abroad. But you have seen a family saving money and buying their own airplane. Probably haven’t heard. You would think that only the richest people in the world can buy private jets. But the story of the person we are going to talk about today is somewhat different. A family of five has bought a ship. The special thing is that in this, his entire family has sat on a 14-month long leave.

According to the Daily Mail, Porter’s family, who hails from Canada, took off in June this year and have already traveled to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, the US Virgin Islands and Argentina in the first leg. After that they plan to fly to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Central America. From there he would head east and visit Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, India and East Asia before returning to Canada.

whole family moving
59 years old Ian is a real estate developer. His wife Michelle and children, Samantha, Sydney and Christopher have so far traveled 15,000 nautical miles on this ship, stopping in 12 countries. Ian of Vancouver, Canada, believes they are the first family to attempt such an adventure.

quit job
All of them have left their jobs. He bought his plane – Moose last year for 500 thousand dollars. They all saved up for decades for the holiday. They spend about two to four days in each place and stay in hotels, airports or capes and go sightseeing and exploring. Samantha and Sydney are both co-pilots. She is assisting her father Ian in the journey. Samantha also oversees radio communications, and is in charge of Sydney air navigation. Mitchell oversees flight planning and navigation, and Christopher controls drone operations.

dream come true
After years of planning, he departed on June 15, 2022. Chief pilot and team leader Ian has flown paragliders, paramotors, sailplanes and fixed-wing aircraft for 40 years. He said, ‘I’ve been a pilot for a long time and have done some pretty long trips, and when I was doing those trips, I thought it would be nice if I could do it for longer and better. Do this work with family.

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