March 21, 2023

The devastation in Turkey-Syria was predicted on February 3 itself? Know who gave this warning – News18 Hindi

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Ankara. Three powerful earthquakes in Turkey and Syria within 24 hours on Monday have claimed thousands of lives. The earthquake killed more than 3,800 people – more than 1,500 in Turkey and at least 810 in Syria, with thousands of others injured. There has been widespread damage in both countries, including fires at fuel pipelines and oil refineries. As rescuers scrambled to pull people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings in freezing weather and set up shelters for the affected, another major earthquake, measuring 7.5, shook the same area. Dozens of aftershocks were felt after this.

Meanwhile, a tweet by a researcher Frank Hoogerbeets is becoming increasingly viral, in which he had already predicted this powerful earthquake. He wrote in a tweet on February 3, “Sooner or later, an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 will occur in south-central Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.” And his statement proved to be true on February 6, when one after the other earthquakes caused devastation in Turkey and Syria. Hoogerbeets works as a researcher at the Research Institute for Geometric Monitoring Between Celestial Objects (SSGEOS) based in the Netherlands.

Pictures from the affected areas were heart-wrenching, showing widespread destruction of public and private property, including some ancient cultural sites. Those lucky enough to immediately flee to open space, some were seen weeping for the loss of their near and dear ones, who are still trapped under the debris of the collapsed buildings. Others were trying to console and assure him.

The epicenter of the earthquake was Kahramanmaras, the southeastern province of Turkey, and tremors were felt as far away as Cairo. In Damascus also people had to come out on the streets due to the earthquake and in Beirut people were sleeping when the tremors were felt.

The death toll will exceed 20 thousand! WHO warned on the devastation in Turkey-Syria, said this

The earthquake occurred in an area of ​​Syria where civil war has raged for more than a decade and the affected area is divided between government and rebels and surrounded by Russian-backed government forces. At the same time, due to the conflict in the Turkish region, millions of refugees are settled. Four million people displaced by the fighting are living in Syrian territory held by the opposition. Many of them were living in buildings that had already been damaged by the bombing.

According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of the earthquake was about 33 km from Gaziantep at a depth of 18 km. Its tremors were felt in the provinces. According to the survey, a few hours later another earthquake of magnitude 7.5 was felt, whose epicenter was just 100 kilometers away from the former’s epicenter.

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