March 28, 2023

The bride’s sister kept such a demand from the groom, the groom was shocked to hear, watch this funny video

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Video of Dulhe: Indian weddings are full of fun and laughter because of all the fun customs. Crazy wedding videos often go viral on social media. Recently one such funny video is going viral on the internet. The video of the bride’s sisters and the groom perfectly depicts the brother-in-law-sister-in-law relationship, which is full of teasing and leg-pulling.

This video captured during the ceremony of Juta Chaupai has attracted everyone’s attention. According to tradition, the bride’s sister hides the groom’s shoes at a wedding, after which she has to pay a hefty sum or agree to his demands to get them back. During the Juta Chaupai ceremony, the bride’s sister can be seen demanding a hefty amount from the groom. However, the groom tries to bargain with them. The video has been shared on Instagram by a page named WeddingBazaar.

In the viral clip, the bride’s sister can be seen holding the shoe and demanding Rs one lakh from the groom. The groom is stunned to hear this and says that I will give five thousand only for shoes. However, when the sisters of the bride come to know that their brother-in-law (groom) is giving only Rs 5000, they are shocked. After this, another sister of the bride asks the groom if he is not ashamed to say so. To which the groom bluntly says no, not at all.

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