March 21, 2023

Thailand street food recipes viral video a dish made from long black insects

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Video of Thailand’s unique street food goes viral on social media
More than 5 million people saw this food of black noodles on Instagram
User made different comments regarding street food in Instagram post

Street Food Viral Video: Videos of strange food recipes have been in trend for some time now. Videos of different food recipes from all over the world are being shared on social media. The video of one such recipe is viral. Recently a social media user has shared a video of a unique street food of Thailand. People are stunned after seeing the video. Initially people are not able to understand what this is. People watching the video are watching its recipe till the end. People are eager to know the recipe of this street food made from black noodles.

In fact, a video of a woman making pasta with black spaghetti in Thailand was posted on Instagram by the page ‘Our Collection’. The woman can be seen keeping the unusual black noodles in a pan. Then she sprinkles a substance that looks like salt on them. After that she starts frying it in a pan along with vegetables and other ingredients. When the pasta is ready to be served, the woman mixes it well with all the other ingredients before placing it on a plate.

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Shared on 1 February
This video was uploaded on Instagram on 1 February. The video was captioned as “Thailand’s unique street food.” The video was shared on February 1 and since then it has been viewed more than 5 million times. More than one lakh likes have been received in this video. Several social media users pointed out that the spaghetti resembles Marvel ‘Venom’ and the dish is known as “Venom Noodles”. Some people commented that it seems impossible to eat it.

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