March 23, 2023

Tests of the Russian tank flew away! See in the video how Ukraine is targeting with fighter plane

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Kyiv. The war between Russia and Ukraine continues unabated. New videos are continuously coming from the war front. Both sides are claiming their respective victories. Ukraine has claimed that it destroyed several Russian tanks. A video has also been released by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine regarding this. Let us tell you that the war between the two countries is going on continuously for the last 9 months.

You will be stunned by watching this video released by Ukraine. It looks like it is a video game. According to Ukraine’s claims, Russian tanks are standing at different places. But the Air Force of Ukraine destroyed them. Bombs are hurled at them with very precise targets. In a moment, balls of fire are seen on the open ground. All the tanks get destroyed in a blink of an eye. This video is very surprising.

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