March 23, 2023

Taliban: The Taliban government will have to face the consequences of banning women’s education, said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

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Women will have to face difficulties in running a family and finding employment.
Efforts to gain international recognition are almost certain to suffer
The hope of becoming a legitimate member of the international community will be shattered

Washington. The Taliban Government has taken a major decision regarding the university level education of women in Afghanistan. The Taliban has banned university-level education for women. America has expressed surprise on this Tughlaqi order. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has called for women’s university-level ban on education Has called the Taliban’s decision to impose ‘unacceptable’ and has strongly condemned it. Blinken has also warned that the radical Islamic regime will have to face its ‘consequences’.

Let us inform that the Taliban government, while cracking down on the rights and freedoms of women, said in a new decree on Tuesday that female students in private and public universities in Afghanistan have been banned with immediate effect until further notice.

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The Taliban had promised a softer approach after taking over the reins of Afghanistan last year. But his recent decision has once again made clear his intention to enforce strict rules of Islamic law or Sharia.

A letter was issued to all government and private universities on behalf of the Higher Education Minister of Afghanistan, Neda Mohammad Nadeem. Nadeem’s signature is also on this letter. It has been said in the letter that all of you are informed that the order to postpone the education of women till further notice should be implemented with immediate effect.

Blinken on Tuesday blamed the Taliban for their unacceptable decisions to ban women’s university-level education, close secondary schools to girls and prevent women and girls in Afghanistan from exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms. The US condemns the imposition of other sanctions.

Ban imposed after about 3 months of giving university entrance exam
The ban has been imposed nearly three months after a large number of girl students appeared for university entrance exams across the country. Blinken cautioned that education is a human right. It is also necessary for the economic development of Afghanistan and its stability. The Taliban cannot hope to become a legitimate member of the international community until it respects the rights of everyone in Afghanistan. Taliban will have to face the consequences of this decision.

In the midst of a humanitarian crisis in the country, this move is almost certain to harm the Taliban’s efforts to gain international recognition. No country in the world stops women and girls from getting education.

Afghanistan is losing more than one billion dollars every year
She said that Afghanistan is already losing more than one billion dollars every year, which women can contribute to recover. No country can progress until half of its population is prevented from progressing. Blinken said that the new decree of the Taliban means that women and girls will have to face many difficulties in running their families and finding employment.

America will continue to help the people of Afghanistan
The secretary of state said that despite the sanctions, the United States will continue to assist the people of Afghanistan, including women and girls, seek to meet their humanitarian needs, and work with our allies to collectively advocate for their rights.

The US-led coalition ousted the Taliban from power in 2011 for harboring al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. However, with the withdrawal of American forces in August 2021, he once again took over the reins of power.

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