March 25, 2023

Strange skeletal hand found in Brazil, people claim it is alien’s palm

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Viral News: A shocking picture has emerged from Brazil. A couple has found the skeleton of a huge hand on the seashore. The couple who discovered it claim that it could be the hand of an alien. Leticia Gomes Santiago and Devanir Souza were shocked when they stumbled upon a strange skeletal hand on the sand in São Paulo’s Ilha Comprida on November 20.

Seeing this strange hand, both of them got very scared. Later both of them made a video of it. Actually both of them wanted to show the world how big it was compared to the human hand. Leticia said, ‘We think it is not human because of the size and quantity of the bones. What could it possibly be?’

What are people saying?
Since posting this video on Facebook, comments have been pouring in continuously. One person said it could even be a dinosaur bone! Another user then suggested, “Take it to a biologist, because it’s not normal.”

What do scientists say?
Marine biologist Eric Comin said the strange ‘hand’ could be that of a cetacean. Which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. Comin said tests would be needed to really know. The biologist said that the cetacean had died in the sea about 18 months ago. Considering the size, Comin said the bones probably belonged to a dolphin. Dolphins are commonly found in this area.

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