March 27, 2023

Starvation deaths in North Korea food crisis becomes serious know how the situation is

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Seoul. North Korea, which is engaged in showing its power to retaliate with nuclear weapons against the enemy forces, is itself becoming a victim of starvation. Here the food crisis has become so much that due to this a large number of people have started dying. Government officials say that there is no famine-like situation in the country. A leader of North Korea has said that very soon a new agriculture policy will be prepared in the country. Right now the study is being done regarding the agriculture policy.

In the meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party in North Korea, the officials discussed a one-point agenda and that was to increase the support of their leader Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong is feeling immense pressure regarding his nuclear program. A big meeting is going to be held next week regarding this nuclear programme. The political bureau of the party says that there is no famine-like situation in the country, but the food distribution system has to be improved.

Mega meeting will be held this month, may be a big decision

It has been said in the media report that a mega meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party is going to be held at the end of February, in which a big decision can be taken. In fact, during the Corona epidemic, North Korea has kept its borders closed. Due to this, the world does not get to know the situation there. Earlier in the mid-1990s, there was a famine there as well, due to which lakhs of people died of hunger.

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