March 27, 2023

Spain passes law for menstrual leave women will get medical off during periods became the first european country to pass such a law

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The Parliament of Spain has made a law regarding leave during periods.
Now women suffering from pain during periods will get paid medical leave.
Spain has become the first European country to pass such a law.

Madrid. The Parliament of Spain has taken a big decision regarding Menstrual Leave during periods. Parliament on Thursday approved a law to provide paid medical leave to women suffering from severe period pain. Spain has become the first European country to pass such a law. Let us tell you that Spain is the fourth most populous country in the European Union.

According to news agency AFP, Spain’s left-wing government has said that it passed the law with 154 votes against and 185 votes in favor. Its purpose is to break a taboo on this subject. It is known that leave during periods is currently given in only a few countries around the world like Japan, Indonesia and Zambia.

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Spain’s Equality Minister Irene Montero tweeted about this law, saying, ‘This is a historic day for feminist progress. This step is a big step towards addressing a health problem which was largely buried somewhere in the pile of important issues. He said that under the new law, employees experiencing period pain would be entitled to leave for as much time as they need. Spain’s state social security system will pay for this leave, not the employer.

After the law was initially approved by the cabinet in May 2022, Montero said periods would no longer be a taboo. ‘No more having to work with pain, no more having to take pills before arriving at work and no longer having to hide the fact that we are in pain that makes us unable to work,’ he said. However, this law has created divisions among both Spanish politicians and unions.

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