March 28, 2023

South Korea gave a befitting reply to this action of North Korea, three missiles were fired

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Responding to North Korea, South Korea fired three missiles one after the other.
After the ongoing exercise with America, the tension between the two countries has reached its peak.
North Korea has threatened both the countries of the consequences, said – the price will have to be paid

Seoul, Tension has arisen between the two countries after a North Korean missile fell close to South Korean waters. Responding to North Korea, South Korea also fired three missiles one after the other and made it clear that it too is not going to bow down. According to the Korean News Agency, this missile was fired as a response after North Korea fired a dozen missiles. Earlier, North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons to make both countries “pay the most terrible price in history” after witnessing the maneuvers of South Korea and the US.

Missile fell so close for the first time
South Korea’s military said that for the first time since the division of the countries in 1948, the North Korean missile had fallen so close to the sea border. It was the first time since the division of the peninsula more than seven decades ago that North Korean-launched missiles hit areas close to South Korea’s territorial waters, Yonhap news agency reported. “The North Korean missile launch is very unusual and unacceptable, as it landed close to South Korean territorial waters south of the maritime border,” said Kang Shin-chul, operations director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“North Korea fired at least 10 different types of missiles,” Seoul’s military said. A ballistic missile fell close to South Korean waters for the first time soon after the military confirmed it. Later on Wednesday, South Korea said it tested an air-to-surface missile to show its determination to be tough on North Korean provocations. South Korea’s military said its fighter jets fired three precision-guided missiles at sites near rivals’ eastern maritime borders.

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