March 28, 2023

Somalia: Army enters hotel, kills 6 terrorists, rescues 60 people

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Mogadishu. Somalia’s security forces on Monday entered the hotel in the capital Mogadishu where Islamic extremists had held dozens of people hostage for more than 18 hours. The extremists have also killed eight people. Police spokesman Sadiq Dodishe said that all the militants were killed during the operation in the Villa Rosa hotel and a security guard also died during this.

The spokesman said that around 60 people trapped in the hotel have been freed and none of them was injured. However, it is not yet clear whether anyone is missing or not. According to Dodishe, five attackers were killed by security forces while the sixth blew himself up. The Islamic extremist group Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. Al Shabaab claimed on Sunday that its fighters had attacked the hotel.

These days, extremists are continuously carrying out attacks in Somalia. Earlier, more than 100 people were killed in two bomb blasts in Somalia’s capital. Health Minister Ali Haji had told that about 500 people were injured. It was Somalia’s deadliest attack since a truck bombing in the same spot five years ago killed more than 500 people.

Al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the bombings. Somalia’s government, led by newly elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamad, has launched a renewed campaign against al-Shabaab, targeting its financial networks. Shutdown attempts are also included. The government has said that this fight will continue.

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