March 21, 2023

So Putin is suffering from this disease! Fell down the stairs of your house, know what is the latest update

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Putin collapses falling down stairs at his official residence
Putin fell down five steps, then rolled and came down two more stairs: report
According to the report, this happened due to suffering from ‘oncology’.

moscow, A report in the Daily Mail claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin fell down the stairs at his official residence. The website, citing a Telegram channel, claimed that the 70-year-old Russian leader, whose health had deteriorated since starting the war in Ukraine, collapsed on Wednesday evening. It was told in the Telegram channel named General SVR that the President fell down five steps, then rolled on his side and came down two more steps.

The Daily Mail reported that General SVR has posted updates about Putin’s health since the start of the war, although it has provided no evidence to support his claims or evidence that he actually has connections within the Guard. . In the latest post, the channel wrote, ‘Putin staggered and fell on his back, after which he slipped down a few steps.’ The channel said doctors arrived within minutes, but could not immediately examine the president.

The channel claimed that the incident happened in front of the President’s bodyguards, who reacted immediately and rushed to Putin’s aid. Three security officers helped carry the president to the nearest sofa and called the doctors on duty at the residence. According to the report, this happened due to suffering from ‘oncology’.

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