March 23, 2023

Smriti Irani shares wonderful video of children, full of emotion, tears will come in eyes

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Video of Baccho: Have you ever seen videos that are so emotional that they bring tears to your eyes? A part of one such video clip was recently posted by Union Minister Smriti Irani as her Instagram story. The video shows a group of children singing Doris Day’s iconic song Que Sera Sera. He reposted the video from Instagram user Dayat Piliang, who had posted it a few days ago.

The video is actually a part of an advertisement by Thai Life Insurance and was released back in 2009. The video begins with a group of children dressed in blue singing a song. The story takes an interesting turn when the video reveals that some of the children are wheelchair-bound and some are also handicapped. However, the children appear happy and sing the song beautifully. This is the part that makes watching the video even more emotional.

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