March 23, 2023

Shocking picture: 3 migrants took their lives from Nigeria, spent 11 days at sea

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Madrid. After spending 11 days starving and thirsty at sea, shocking news has come to the rescue of three people by the Spanish Coastguard. All these people, who were hiding in a big ship, left Lagos in Nigeria and reached the Canary Islands. According to a report in The Guardian, when all of them were rescued, they had symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia, after which they were immediately transferred to a hospital on the island for treatment.

A user named Salvamento Maritimo posted this picture on Twitter on Monday. Three disguised passengers are shown on the helm of the oil and chemical tanker Alithini II.

The caption, when translated into English, read, ‘This afternoon, Salvamar Nunki rescued three passengers on the rudder blade of the ship Althini II, which was anchored in the port of Las Palmas and was coming from Nigeria. He has been sent towards the port and is being treated.

Al Jazeera reported that the three migrants were seated on a metal hull with their legs dangling a few feet above the Atlantic Ocean. The Maltese-flagged Alithini II arrived in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria on Monday afternoon after an 11-day voyage from Lagos, Nigeria, according to The Guardian, according to maritime traffic.

The website further said that the dangerous crossing of migrants from North Africa to the Canaries has increased dramatically since the end of 2021 after checks on the Mediterranean route were tightened.

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