March 23, 2023

Serial killer buried 70 dead bodies in the ground after murder, now police is digging

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Serial Killer: Last month, a woman in the US claimed that her father was a serial killer and had killed 70 women. Along with this, he had also said that after the murder, all the dead bodies were buried in the nearby forest. To find out how true the woman’s claims are, the police is now digging the place. These murders were committed during the last 30 years. Please tell that the accused father has already died.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the police is testing the soil. The report said that 15 vehicles from the FBI, Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation were in the Iowa area of ​​the US on Wednesday morning.

‘Believe my words’
Lucy Studi McKiddy, 53, said the police eventually believed her. Lucy claimed that her father drank regularly and was intoxicated. Also, he used to force his daughters to throw women’s bodies in a well in Fremont County. He told Newsweek, ‘I’m not worried at all … I thought they would try to discredit me before any money was spent on the excavation.’

died in 2013
A portion of the property was excavated in 2007. That is, six years before Donald’s death in 2013. Donald died at the age of 75. About 3 lakh dollars i.e. about 24 crores was spent on this excavation. But nothing conclusive was found. However, cadaver dogs found four spots that alerted the authorities earlier this year.

Dead bodies used to be buried here
Lucy claims that these killings went on for many years. She said that her siblings used a wheelbarrow to transport the bodies in the warmer months. The dead bodies are believed to be of women from the local area, many of whom were sex workers.

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