March 27, 2023

Russo-Ukraine War: ‘If there is a nuclear attack…’, Russian citizens are adopting such a way to protect themselves

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Russian citizens have increased security concerns amid the war between Russia and Ukraine
How will civilians survive if nuclear weapons are used?
People are building atomic shelters for themselves, collective security is also a big issue

Moscow. Due to the ongoing war with Ukraine, strange panic is being seen among Russian citizens. These days there is a competition to buy atomic shelters here. Common citizens are afraid that if they are attacked with nuclear weapons, how will they be able to escape? Top Russian leaders have repeatedly reiterated that they can carry out a nuclear attack. Due to this, Russian citizens fear that if Russia conducts a nuclear attack, then Western countries may also give a befitting reply. In such a situation, shelter is necessary for safety. Although Russia’s elite class already has such shelters, now common citizens have been seen crazy to buy shelters. Here, the police of Russia has started the investigation of those who bought the atomic shelter.

War experts have already warned that the world should be prepared for nuclear war. Telegram channel SOTA has reported that parking of cars was made in local bomb shelters, but now it has been ordered to be evacuated due to the circumstances. The channel has issued a copy of this order. The directive states that it should be “brought in line with the direct object of the Civil Defense Facility”. In Russia, both the police and the administration are making citizens aware and informing people about the war.

Police and administration are investigating, emphasis is on collective security

At the same time, the Moscow city government has demanded an immediate increase in collective protective equipment. Here the police and administration are investigating about the shelters. He has asked the heads of social groups and groups whether they have shelter homes. The iStories media outlet has reported that an order has been ordered to investigate all the shelters. Similar orders have been given in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, as well as in the Volgograd region and the Republic of Buryatia. Meanwhile, Putin’s close aide Nikolai Petrushev has already ordered Russia’s vast southern federal district to “bring the protective infrastructure of civil defense into proper condition”.

Various types of shelters available

There are many types of shelters in Russia. Some of these are cheap and some are very expensive. Regarding expensive shelters, it is claimed that there will be no effect even in case of earthquake and they will be safe even in nuclear attack. They have luxury amenities and can give protection for many months.

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