March 21, 2023

Russia’s biggest defeat in the war! Ukraine captured Kherson, know what was the reason

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Russia withdrew 30,000 soldiers from the city of Kherson
Ukraine fears flooding near Dnipro river
Zelensky said in the video address that today is a historic day.

Kyiv. Ukrainian troops have recaptured Kherson, leaving the only regional capital occupied by Russia since the start of the war in February. According to a report by the news agency Reuters, on Friday, Ubilant residents welcomed Ukrainian soldiers arriving in the center of Kherson. While describing it as a historic day, President of Ukraine Zelensky said in the evening video address that today is a historic day. He said that ‘we are bringing back the south of the country, we are bringing back Kherson. Zelensky further said in the video that as of now, our defenders are on the outskirts of the city, and we are very close to entering, but special units are already in the city.

Video footage verified by Reuters showed dozens of people cheering and shouting victory slogans in the central square of the city of Kherson, where Ukrainian soldiers also took selfies in the crowd. In the video, two men lift a female constable on their shoulders and toss her into the air. Some residents wrapped themselves in the flag of Ukraine. A man was crying with joy.

Russia withdrew 30 thousand soldiers
Russia has said that it has withdrawn 30,000 soldiers across the Dnipro River without losing a single soldier. But the people of Ukraine have shown a picture, in which Russian soldiers, dropping their uniforms and weapons, drowned in an attempt to escape. However, the reason for Russia’s withdrawal has been cited by Ukraine as the possibility of flooding near the Dnipro River.

Russia in danger in the Dnipro river area
Let us tell you that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has ordered his troops to leave behind the Dnipro River. Russia’s news agency Tass quoted the defense minister as saying that the order was given to ensure the safe transfer of personnel, weapons and hardware. Russia fears that the Kyiv regime may soon cause flooding in the Dnipro River region. It is also feared that he may submerge the surrounding area by attacking the Kakhovka Dam with a more powerful rocket.

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