March 25, 2023

Russian President Putin’s disclosure, said- American army did not return after World War, made Germany a slave

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New Delhi. Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the tension between Russia and America has deepened. America, which is helping Ukraine, has imposed many sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shocked the world by making a sensational statement. Putin has said that after the Second World War (1 September 1939 – 2 September 1945), America has made Germany its slave. Even today thousands of American soldiers are present in Germany. Transactions take place in US dollars in many cities of Germany. There is a stir after Putin’s revelations. But it is necessary to know whether this is really the situation or Putin has only made allegations.

Russia (Soviet Union), Britain and America’s army were in Germany in the last time of Second World War and when Hitler committed suicide and Germany was defeated. Then the armies of the victorious countries gradually returned to their countries, but the American army did not return. America made an agreement with Germany and millions of American soldiers remained there for the next 10 years on the pretext of maintaining peace. It is estimated that thousands of American soldiers are still in Germany. While many American soldiers have made their colonies there and they have started living there with their families.

Germany has the largest number of US troops in Europe
If we look at the figures, millions of soldiers of America remained in Germany, but gradually their number was reduced. Now about 33 thousand American soldiers are stationed in Germany. More than 9500 officers of the US Air Force are also in Germany. To prevent these military and air force officers from facing problems in Germany, a separate colony was created for them and this has been done at many places in the country. Due to American soldiers stationed at different places, these settlements have now turned into many small towns. Schools and shopping malls in the city of Rammstein are built in the US style and dollar currency runs here.

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