March 23, 2023

Russian missiles wreaked havoc in Ukraine, 4 people died, then Russia became the attacker

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Russian airstrikes caused more damage to Ukraine on Thursday.
Ukrainian officials told that four people died in this attack.
After evacuating Ukraine’s Kherson city, Russia has once again become the aggressor.

Kyiv. Russian airstrikes inflicted more damage on Ukraine on Thursday, with a barrage ravaging energy, infrastructure, apartment buildings and an industrial site. At least four people were killed and five others were injured in drone and missile attacks across the country, officials said. At the same time, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced the extension of a four-month-old agreement to export grain, food items and fertilizers from Ukraine through the Black Sea, a few days before its expiration.

Guterres said the United Nations is fully committed to removing barriers to the export of food and fertilizers. The aim of the agreement in Istanbul is to reduce the prices of food items and fertilizers and to avoid the global food crisis. The city’s military administration in Kyiv said the air forces shot down at least two cruise missiles and five Iranian-made drones. Russian missiles in Ukraine targeted the country’s southern Odessa region and the city of Dnipro on Thursday for the first time in weeks.

Odessa Governor Maxim Marchenko gave this information. He told that after the missiles were fired in Odessa and Dnipro, in view of the fears of Russia once again launching a large-scale missile attack in Ukraine, sirens warning about air raids started ringing across the country. Marchenko reported on the messaging app Telegram that Russia launched a missile attack on an infrastructure. He warned that ‘there is a danger of Russia launching a massive missile attack on the entire territory of Ukraine’.

Attacks were also reported in several places in Dnipro, where two infrastructures were hit and at least one person was wounded, according to deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office, Kirill Tymoshenko. Kyiv Governor Oleksiy Kuleba said that air defense systems are working in the central Kyiv region. At the same time, amid reports of shelling in different parts of Ukraine and the possibility of large-scale missile attacks in the country, the authorities of Poltava, Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky and Rivne regions appealed to the local people to stay in bomb-proof shelters.

Earlier on Tuesday, Russia had fired several missiles in Ukraine. He carried out the biggest attack ever on Ukraine’s energy installations. It is being told that during the Russian attacks, a missile had also fallen into the border of Poland and many people had died due to its grip. However, Russia has rejected the allegations of missile attack in Poland.

In a Telegram post on Thursday, the head of Ukraine’s presidential office, Andrey Yermak, described the attacks on energy installations as “childish tactics of cowardly losers”. Appealing to the people not to ignore the sirens of the airstrikes, he said, “Ukraine has already resolutely faced the harshest attacks by the enemy. The results of these attacks did not come out, which the cowards of Russia had expected.

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