March 27, 2023

Russian journalist ‘absconding’ who entered live show with anti-war poster, could be jailed for 15 years

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Former Russian state TV journalist Marina Ovsiyannikova left the country
She is facing charges of spreading fake news in which she can be imprisoned for 15 years
15 years in prison for campaigning against the army in Russia

Moscow, Former Russian state TV journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, accused of spreading fake news about the war in Ukraine, has fled the country after escaping from house arrest. Ovsyannikova’s lawyer Dmitry Zakhvatov, who was accused, told that she is currently living in a European country to avoid punishment. Ovsyannikova is currently facing charges of spreading fake news against the military in Russia, in which she can be imprisoned for 15 years.

came into limelight from live TV broadcast
Ovsyannikova caught the world’s attention in March when she broke into the studio during a live TV broadcast. She had entered with a poster in her hand that read ‘Stop the war’ and ‘They lie to you’. He was placed under house arrest after the Kremlin described his protest as “hooliganism”. However, she fled to Europe as soon as she was released from the clutches of the police.

Performed again in August
Ovsyannikova, 44, was placed under two months of house arrest in August because of a protest in July. The journalist stood on a river embankment in front of the Kremlin and pasted a poster calling Putin an assassin and his soldiers a fascist, along with slogans. Let us tell you that in Russia, a provision of severe punishment has been made for spreading false news against the army.

15 years imprisonment for campaigning against the army
After the start of the Russian military’s special military operation in Ukraine, Russia passed a new law prohibiting defamation of the armed forces. Under this law, there is a provision of imprisonment of up to 15 years for spreading propaganda against the army. Along with this, strict warnings have also been given to foreign tech firms against violating this law.

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