March 27, 2023

Russian attack intensifies in Kherson, Ukraine, mayor appeals to people to leave the city

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Power supply was again disrupted in most parts of the Ukrainian city of Kherson.
The mayor of Kherson has appealed to the people to leave the city.

Kherson. Russian shelling cut off power again on Thursday in most parts of the Ukrainian city of Kherson. Electricity supply was recently restored in Kherson. Moscow has stepped up attacks to destroy key civilian infrastructure in cold weather. In Kyiv, Mayor Vitali Klitschko told the capital’s millions of residents that they should stockpile water and food for the winter, as supplies are expected to be cut off if more infrastructure is damaged.

Mayor appeals to people to leave the city
He urged people to consider leaving the city to visit friends or other family members, if possible. Russia on Thursday enacted a new version of its foreign agents law, expanding authorities’ powers to consider anyone with “foreign influence” as an agent of another country.

Putin signed the new version of the law
Under earlier versions of the law, authorities had to show that an organization or individual had received financial or material support from abroad to prove it was an agent. The new version of the law was signed by the country’s President Vladimir Putin in July. According to a statement of the lower house of parliament, such a person can be considered as an agent, who has foreign influence.

Foreign Minister accuses America of helping Ukraine
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov alleged on Thursday that Western countries were directly involved in the Ukraine conflict, supplying Kyiv with weapons and training its troops. Lavrov also said that Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s energy centers and other vital infrastructure has left millions of people without electricity, heaters and water. He said that these attacks were to weaken the army of Ukraine and to stop the ships loaded with Western weapons.

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