March 28, 2023

Russian army’s big drill with nuclear weapons, what will be Putin’s next action? Learn

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Vladimir Putin took stock of the country’s nuclear power
President saw the attack of dangerous missiles in military exercise
Army’s message – Nuclear weapons are fully prepared for attack

Moscow. Big news from the Kremlin in the midst of the Russo-Ukraine war. Russian President Vladimir Putin took stock of the country’s nuclear power. He watched the nuclear exercise through video link from his office. During this military exercise, many types of ballasting and cruise missiles were fired. The country’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that President Putin witnessed the practice of nuclear weapons. He saw this exercise so that if an enemy country conducts a nuclear attack, then a heavy nuclear attack can be done in response to it.

President Putin has taken stock of this nuclear exercise at a time when it is being feared that Russia may launch a major attack on Ukraine amid the ever-increasing war. It is being told that Putin has warned that if anyone attacks Russia, all kinds of tactics will be adopted to stop it. His statement is being linked to nuclear weapons.

Army did this exercise
According to the information, the nuclear weapons drill that Putin saw included surface-to-surface intercontinental ballistic missile, submarine-launched Sineva ICBM missile and Tu-95 strategic bomb, cruise missile. Russian military drills nuclear weapons in water-land-air. In this way the army gave a message that it is fully prepared for a nuclear attack.

Russia had given information – America
The Kremlin said in a statement that all the targets set for the exercise had been achieved and all the missiles fired hit the target. At the same time, America says that Russia had informed it in advance regarding this exercise.

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