March 21, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: Zelensky’s warning- Russia is making cold a ‘weapon of genocide’, appeals for concrete help

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Zelensky said that Russia was making winter a ‘weapon of mass destruction’.
Zelensky has appealed to the Association of French Mayors to provide concrete help.
The World Health Organization has warned that the lives of millions of Ukrainians are at risk this winter.

Kyiv. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Tuesday that Russia is trying to use this winter as a “weapon of mass destruction” by attacking his country’s energy infrastructure. Zelensky told a meeting of French mayors in a video message that ‘the Kremlin wants to turn this winter into a weapon of mass destruction’. He said that we need many things to survive this winter and to prevent Russia from turning the cold into a tool of terror and subjugation of people.

According to a news agency AFP, Zelensky urged the association of French mayors that help should be sent to Ukraine’s emergency services and medical service with generators, medicines, and all kinds of necessary equipment. He said that ‘I appeal to you to provide concrete help to Ukraine and support our cities and people against terrorism.’ While the World Health Organization warned on Monday that the lives of millions of Ukrainians were at risk. Because the country’s power grid is reaching bad condition due to continuous Russian attacks.

Ukraine-Russia War: Russia attacked with artillery, now fierce fighting in Donbass

Significantly, in recent times, the Russian army had to retreat from many places. Enraged by this, Moscow has deliberately started targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Due to which there will be no electricity in lakhs of houses across the country in the coming winter. Russia believes that this can help in breaking the morale of the people of Ukraine. While WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge told reporters that this winter in Ukraine will be dangerous for the existence of people. This cold would be life-threatening for millions of people in Ukraine.

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