March 23, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: Zelensky’s candidness! Russia started the war in a few seconds, but the world… know what it said about its security

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Zelensky addressed the annual meeting of the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday.
‘It took seconds for Russia to start a war, but it took days for the world to impose sanctions.’
The world should not hesitate to help Ukraine, countries should increase the pace of assistance: Zelensky

Davos. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday that it took Russia a few seconds to start the war but the world took days to impose sanctions. Addressing the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) online from Kyiv, he said that the world hesitated when Russia invaded Crimea without hesitation, but the world should no longer hesitate.

The President of Ukraine said that the world should move faster than Russia. He said, ‘We have to end this war and for this the whole world has to unite to support Ukraine.’ He said that to win this war and overcome the crisis, Ukraine needs military help as well as financial assistance.

Zelensky was asked if he was worried about his personal safety after his interior minister was killed in a helicopter crash. On this he said that he is not worried. Zelensky further said that he is not worried about his safety, he does not want to go anywhere and he only needs ammunition to fight the war. Along with this, he has asked the countries giving aid to Ukraine to increase their speed. At the same time, he said in a tone of warning that ‘tyranny is overtaking democracy’.

Read- Helicopter crash in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, 16 people including Home Minister died

Let us inform that before his address, a helicopter accident happened near Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. In this, Ukraine’s Home Minister Denis Monastirsky and Deputy Minister Kirylo Timoshenko were killed. Apart from this, 16 people including senior officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs and two children died in this accident. It is to be known that in February next month it will be one year since the start of Russia-Ukraine war.

Significantly, this is the first winter meeting in Davos after the Corona epidemic and representatives of many countries in the Swiss mountain resort are considering the cold winds of the global recession and the deepening effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Kyiv says they need Western battle tanks to push Russia back. (with language input)

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