March 28, 2023

Russia Ukraine war young soldier told truth Kiev Bucha war crime

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Kyiv (Ukraine). The news agency Associate Press has made a sensational claim regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine. He has tried to tell the truth of the war on the basis of other facts including the conversation of a Russian soldier and his mother. AP intercepted 2000 phone calls for this conversation that took place in March 2022. The AP has confirmed this conversation and said that the identity of the young Russian soldier and his mother has not been revealed.

In this conversation, the soldier told that young soldiers involved in horrific acts of violence do not understand right and wrong, they only want to kill the enemy. This has also confirmed the war crimes that took place in the city of Bucha outside Kiev, in which many people were killed. The Russian soldier has said in the conversation that most of the young soldiers had joined the army only for money and prepared for war.

Made false promises to young soldiers
Many false promises were made to the young soldiers. They were told that Ukraine would surrender without bloodshed within a week and the young soldiers would be greeted like heroes. But within a few days the young soldiers came to know the truth that they had been misled. The Associated Press has given information about a young soldier, Leonid. His full name has not been disclosed due to the safety of the family. The AP, with the help of a dossier center in London, verified calls that took place between the young soldier and his mother.

If you hear the sound of a rocket, understand that bombs are about to rain.
The young soldier told his mother that earlier it was impossible for young soldiers to commit violence, shoot someone or loot, but now they have become used to it. They usually commit murders and loot. The intercept shows how the situation is there. The young soldier says that if the sound of a rocket is heard, then understand that it has come to bomb, it can cause death, it can also be badly injured, fear just thinking about where the bomb coming out of it will fall. Seems to be

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