March 21, 2023

Russia-Ukraine War: What Is ‘Dirty Bomb’ And Why Is It Considered So Dangerous?

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Russia accuses Ukraine of preparing the explosion of the dirty bomb to blame the nuclear attack.
Due to which Russia is being forced to pursue the war, which has now entered its ninth month.
Two decades ago, two failed dirty bomb attempts were reported in Chechnya.

Kyiv. Russia has now accused Ukraine of preparing to use the dirty bomb. The US has dismissed Russia’s claims, calling it a clear lie. Now Ukraine has asked the UN’s nuclear watchdog to investigate the matter. The Kremlin alleges that Ukraine is preparing to detonate a dirty bomb to blame Russia for the nuclear attack. Due to which Russia is being forced to pursue the war, which has now entered its ninth month.

However, till date no dirty bomb attack has been done. But more than two decades ago, two failed attempts to detonate such a dirty bomb were reported in the southern Russian province of Chechnya. Experts say that dirty bombs have a psychological effect that far exceeds the threat to their human life. The ‘Dirty Bomb’ has long been feared to fall into the hands of terrorists. Because the main purpose of these bombs is to create panic, confusion and anxiety among the people by spreading radioactive dust and smoke in the atmosphere.

How does Dirty Bomb work?
Dirty bombs are technically known as radiological dispersion devices. Dirty bombs are relatively old-fashioned weapons. They are much easier and cheaper than nuclear equipment and are also less dangerous. Dirty bombs use conventional explosives like dynamite etc. Radioactive material is kept with it, which spreads around after the explosion. Although dangerous, the amount of radioactive material scattered is not lethal. The materials used in dirty bombs can be obtained from radioactive sources used in medicine and industry or from research centers.

Russia-Ukraine war: Russia’s big charge on Ukraine, said – Kyiv was making atomic bombs in Chernobyl

What damage can a dirty bomb do?
The death toll and damage caused by a dirty bomb depends on many factors. An important factor is the quantity and type of conventional explosives used, which determine the magnitude of the explosion. The amount and type of radioactive material placed in it are other factors. Weather conditions – especially during the eruption of wind can contaminate a large area. Dirty bombs can cause serious illness instead of killing more people.

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