March 21, 2023

Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine’s condition is thin, US warning – there will be serious consequences for rejecting the offer of talks with Russia

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The US believes that Ukraine’s condition is now getting thinner due to the economic impact of the war.
The US told Ukraine the need to signal openness to talks with Russia.
If Kyiv keeps the doors of talks closed, the economic condition of the allies may also deteriorate.

Kyiv. In view of Ukraine’s deteriorating condition in the war, the US has privately told President Volodymyr Zelensky that rejecting the offer of talks with Russia would be a step not only for him but also for the allies. US officials believe that due to increasing apprehension about the economic impact of this long war, the condition of Ukraine along with allies is now getting thinner. That’s why US officials reportedly privately warned the Ukrainian government that it needed to signal openness to talks with Russia.

According to a Washington Post news, US officials have warned that the economic condition of Ukraine as well as its allies could worsen if Kyiv continues to keep its doors closed for talks. Whereas Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Ukraine will be ready to participate in talks with Russia only if its troops evacuate all parts of Ukraine. Including the Crimea and the eastern areas of the Donbass. Which are actually under Russian occupation since 2014. Along with this, Russians who have committed crimes in Ukraine will have to face war crimes trial. Zelensky also made it clear that he would not hold talks with the current Russian president. Last month he signed a decree. In which it was said that Ukraine would only negotiate with Vladimir Putin’s successor and a new Russian president.

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It is worth noting that the US has given aid of $ 18.9 billion to Ukraine so far and it is ready to give more help. America says it will help Ukraine as long as it takes. However, America’s allies in Europe, Africa and parts of Latin America are concerned about the possibility of this war getting prolonged. They believe that this war is having a bad effect on energy and food prices as well as supply chains around the world.

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