March 21, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine’s army released pictures of its snipers, can you see them?

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Kyiv. Since February 2022, many stories of Ukrainians bravely resisting Russian aggression have surfaced on social media with photos and videos. Countless stories of courage and sacrifice have strengthened the image of the people of Ukraine in front of the world. The people of Ukraine have continued to resist the Russian army despite facing many difficulties.

Thousands of Ukrainians have impressed internet users around the world with their stories of heroism, strength, courage and determination. Some of these stories went on to define the brave soldiers of Ukraine’s frontline, which has continued unabated for almost a year now. Ukrainian soldiers came to war with insurmountable odds and difficulties. But still they have not given up, nor are they ready to lay down their arms.

Ukraine’s army cleverly defeating the Russians
In fact, in many parts of the country, Ukrainian soldiers have outclassed the Russians through their tactical and astonishing sniper skills. A series of three photographs shared by the Ukrainian military is perhaps one example of how Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces are quietly outmaneuvering the Russians.

National Guard of Ukraine shared the picture
A sniper can be seen hiding in a snow-covered forest in pictures shared on Twitter by the National Guard of Ukraine. But can you figure it out? The post challenged its followers to pinpoint the location of the well-hidden shooters. In every photo, there is at least one sniper hidden among the woods and bushes of the forest.

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