March 27, 2023

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Ukraine claims to have shot down 6 Russian spy balloons.
Spy balloons were seen over Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
The purpose of sending balloons was probably to find out air security.

Kyiv. The war that started between Russia and Ukraine is going to complete one year on this 24 February. Since the beginning of the war, Russia has been very aggressor on its neighboring country. But Ukraine is also giving a tough fight to Russia in this war with the help of western countries. Meanwhile, Ukraine has claimed that it has shot down six Russian spy balloons. These balloons were seen in the sky above Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which were shot down by the Ukrainian army.

According to Sky News, Ukraine suspects that these balloons may be equipped with reflectors and spy equipment. Although the officials did not clarify when these spy balloons flew over the capital Kiev. Let us inform that an air alert was issued in Kiev on Wednesday. According to the military administration of Ukraine, the purpose of sending these balloons was probably to find out the air security. This has come after the so-called spy balloons made headlines in the US in recent times.

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Earlier, the US had accused China of sending ‘spy balloons’ to collect intelligence. On February 4, an American fighter jet shot down a Chinese spy balloon. After which a series of flying object sightings started in America. However, China later admitted that the balloon belonged to it and had lost its way due to bad weather.

It is known that Sky News quoted Western intelligence officials as saying on Wednesday that Russia is assembling fighter jets and helicopters near the border with Ukraine. Due to which the Russian army is trying to convert its attack into ‘air battle’. The US has shared an intelligence report with other NATO member countries revealing the construction of aircraft near the Russia-Ukraine border. In this report, it has been claimed that the Russian army has reduced on the ground. So this is the biggest indication that he will turn this fight into an airstrike.

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