March 21, 2023

Russia ukraine war soldier love story do marriage on valentine day

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Kharkiv. The war between Ukraine and Russia has been going on for the last one year. The deadlock is not taking the name of stopping. Russia is continuously intensifying its attacks on Ukraine. During this, thousands of soldiers and common people lost their lives. In the stubbornness of winning the country, many soldiers had to sacrifice their family, their love and everything was left behind. On the other hand, the other aspect of this war is that during this time the love stories of many soldiers also started. Actually, we are talking about a Ukrainian soldier, who married his Ukrainian girlfriend last Tuesday on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

This story is of love at first sight. When Yulia Nestertsova and soldier Oleg Sitnik met last summer. The young couple tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in the northeastern city of Kharkiv. The 18-year-old Nestertsova said about the meeting with the 27-year-old soldier Sitnik, ‘The war has brought us together. He comes from the Donetsk region and I am from Kharkiv. If the war had not started, we would never have met each other in life.

On Tuesday, they married in a traditional ceremony at Kharkiv’s town hall with a small number of guests. Relatives had come from both the sides. During this the couple was very happy. Their smile and the kiss they shared was a symbol of their emotion. Even though they met less than a year ago. Yulia doesn’t hide her “worry” about her husband, even as she tries to envision a happy and peaceful future together.

At the same time, the story of Dimitro Linartovich, a soldier admitted in a Kiev hospital, is different. He also keeps playing his guitar while sitting on the hospital bed. He fought the war from the year 2022 to 9 January 2023. When Russian soldiers surrounded and attacked the eastern city of Soledar, Dimitro’s eyes and ears were badly injured. Dimitro told that there is no contact with his wife and his son who went to America. He said, ‘My wife and my children, who are across the sea, will sooner or later contact me to know about my health. This is what I hope and what I believe in.

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