March 21, 2023

Russia Ukraine War Sergey Lavrov says in G20 meet that war imposed by NATO and West

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov put forward his country’s stand on the Russia-Ukraine war.
Lavrov said his country is trying to stop the war.
NATO and western countries have done the work of imposing this war on their country.

The world is looking towards India with hopeful eyes to stop the Russia-Ukraine war. An opportunity was also seen for this when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and American Secretary of State Antony Blinken came face to face in India and they also met, while on this occasion Lavrov also had an interview in which he gave his stand on the war and said That the war has been imposed on Russia. Responding to several questions on Russia’s military action in Ukraine, Lavrov repeatedly played the victim card, saying his country was fighting the West and NATO to stop the war.

Russia stopping the war?
This was the first time that the Foreign Ministers of Russia and America met after the war, but more important than this was the interview in which people wanted to know what side Russia wanted to present. Here Lavrov clearly said that Russia is stopping the war waged against them by NATO and the West.

NATO has broken the resolution
Responding to a question, Lavrov said that the French ambassador had confirmed to Israel that NATO had pledged not to expand its security alliance. He did this not once but twice, first in 1999 and then in 2010. Lavrov said that even NATO has broken many written commitments.

Limitations in choosing allies?
Lavrov explained that his country said that security cannot be divided, NATO said that every country is free to choose its own security alliances or allies, but no country can do so at the cost of harming the security of others. NATO cannot make such a choice that it has broken all its commitments.

More emphasis was seen in the interview on knowing Russia’s side in the war. (Representational photo: Wikimedia Commons)

military build-up in Ukraine
He further said that Russia told NATO that this is not right. Also said that political commitment should be converted into legal commitment, but NATO rejected his proposal. NATO’s attitude on matters such as neither oil commitments nor statutory commitments has led to troop build-up in Ukraine.

Question in response to question?
When asked about the justification for attacking Ukraine with massive missiles and bombings there, Lavrov asked, “Have you ever asked what they have done in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, they do not remember that they invaded Serbia in 1999.” Bombs were dropped. What happened when the bombs were dropped on Serbia? He then stressed again that he is waging a war against everything Russian. Can you imagine dismissing the British in Ireland?

responsibility of both parties
During this discussion, Lavrov also alleged that Ukraine is not fulfilling its responsibility to end the war. US President Joe Biden, Blinken and European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Borrell have repeatedly said that the only solution is to defeat Russia, it is a matter of its existence, so it is also a matter of Russia’s existence. The West is constantly saying that there will be no talks until Ukraine wins.

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