March 23, 2023

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia-Ukraine war may drag on, Putin said – but there is no danger of nuclear war

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Russian President’s big statement on Russia-Ukraine war
Vladimir Putin said – war can drag on
Vladimir Putin downplays threat of nuclear war

Kyiv: The Russia-Ukraine war is getting fierce. Meanwhile, Russia’s big statement has come to the fore to end the war. Russia said on Thursday that ending the ongoing war in Ukraine is in the hands of the President there. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he has resolved to continue attacking Ukraine despite criticism from Western countries. Russian Presidential Office ‘Kremlin’ spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, ‘(Ukraine President Volodymyr) Zelensky knows when it can end, if he wants it can end tomorrow itself.’

The Kremlin has long said that Ukraine must accept Russia’s terms to end the war, which has entered its 10th month. Russia demands that Ukraine consider Crimea as its (Russia’s) part. In 2014, Russia invaded and annexed the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine. Apart from this, he also demands recognition of other occupied areas.

Russia’s attack continues despite criticism from Western countries
Meanwhile, Putin vowed to achieve his stated goals in Ukraine regardless of the West. Putin said during the meeting with the soldiers, ‘If we take any step, then noise, nonsense and shouting starts in the whole universe. But this will not stop us from continuing the attack. Regarding the war, Putin said that his army can fight in Ukraine for a long time.

No threat of nuclear war – Putin
Regarding the time of war, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that it could continue for some more time. This can be a long process. Putin said that the danger of nuclear war has increased, but Russia will not create danger by using such weapons carelessly.

Regarding nuclear war, Putin said, ‘We have not gone mad, we realize what nuclear weapons are. We have more modern nuclear weapons than any other nuclear country, but we are not going to run around the world waving this weapon like a razor. Regarding the western countries, Putin said that the western countries are waging a campaign against Russia. They are spreading propaganda about human rights abuses in Russia. We have only one answer to all these that Russia will not compromise with its national interests.

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