March 27, 2023

Russia ukraine war President Putin made announcement regarding India

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New Delhi. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will continue to increase its cooperation and trade with India. Putin was addressing the country on the completion of one year of the ongoing war with Ukraine. In his speech from Moscow’s Gostivni Dvor Hall, the Russian President spoke prominently on many issues. He said that Russia is constantly battling Nazi threats. Russia is continuing special operations in Ukraine.

Putin said that in order to promote trade with countries like Russia, India and China in Asia, the International North-South Corridor (INSTC) has been announced to be extended. He said that Russia will increase economic relations and create new logistic corridors. Taking the name of India, Putin said that the North-South Corridor will be advanced to enhance relations and the North-South Corridor will be completed soon to promote trade.

Will develop the ports of North-South Corridor
The Russian President said that modernization of railways and improvement of northern shipping routes will be done and a plan will be prepared for this. The capabilities of the Northern Sea Route will be increased. He said that our plan is focused on the development of the Black and Azov sea routes and the ports of the North-South Corridor. We will increase the capabilities of the Northern Sea Route. This will increase cooperation and trade with China, India and other friendly countries.

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