March 28, 2023

Russia ukraine war missile attack on energy infrastructure of kharkiv by russian military

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Governor Oleh Sinihubov reported more than 15 attacks on Kharkiv
Energy facilities and residential buildings have been affected by the missile strikes.
Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 last year

Russia-Ukraine War: There is no sign of end to the war between Russia and Ukraine. On the contrary, Russia has intensified its attacks on Ukraine. Russia has carried out large-scale missile attacks on several cities of Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday. Energy infrastructure has been especially targeted in these attacks. The officials and media of Ukraine gave this information.

According to the news agency, after several weeks of such widespread missile attacks, air raid sirens began ringing across Ukraine. The governor of the northeastern Kharkiv region, Oleh Sinihubov, reported more than 15 attacks on Kharkiv. He said on the messaging app ‘Telegram’, ‘Critical infrastructure once again on target.’

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The governor of the southern Odessa region, Maxim Marchenko, also reported the attack on Odessa, saying that energy facilities and residential buildings were affected in the attacks. Similar attacks have also been reported in the cities of Dnieper, Lutsk and Rivne.

Meanwhile, if seen, the fight between Russia and Ukraine has increased even more. Now Russia has started the process of destroying Ukraine through missile attacks. Where Ukraine is already trying to save itself from Russian attacks. At the same time, to destroy it, it has started the process of destroying the energy infrastructure through missile attacks. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, both are not ready to bow down.

Let us tell that on February 24 last year, Russia attacked Ukraine. The war between the two countries that started after this is still going on. In this case, there was only one relief 7 months ago when Russia and Ukraine agreed that both countries would not attack any ship passing through the Black Sea, in which food products such as wheat, rice or other similar be the product. After this, retaliatory attacks are being done from both the countries.

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