March 21, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: How are Ukrainian soldiers proving to be better than the Russian army? this is the reason

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New Delhi. In the midst of the Russo-Ukraine war, there is a close fight between the Russian army and Ukrainian soldiers. Although the world is praising the bravery of Ukrainian soldiers. The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for almost 8 months. Meanwhile, Russia has tried to beat Ukraine several times. But the Ukrainian soldiers stood firm and started giving a befitting reply to the Russian troops. Ukrainian troops have started counterattacking since the month of September. Russian troops have been forced to retreat from many areas including Kharkiv. We are going to tell you why the Ukrainian soldier is better than the Russian army.

When Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, Russia had a good army. But after eight years, the dice seem to be turning. There are many reasons for this. According to the Bloomberg report, many countries including America, Europe have handed over modern weapons to Ukraine. Provided better combat training. At the same time, the morale of the Ukrainian army seems to be much better than that of the Russian soldiers. Ukraine’s intelligence agencies are getting constant help from the US.

Russian troops withdrew from several areas, including Kharkiv
Ukrainian forces have been waging a rapid war since September and have driven Russian troops out of several areas, including the capital Kyiv and Kharkiv. There was also an explosion on the bridge connecting Crimea with Russia on Saturday. On Thursday, US President Joe Biden said that when Putin is warning of a nuclear attack, he is not joking. Because their army is not able to perform better. The Russian army is facing criticism due to its poor performance.

Ukrainian troops stronger than ever
People close to the Russian military ministry say they have been identifying Ukraine’s more developed command structure since the beginning of the war. At the same time, bloggers of the Russian army are also worried about attacks from small mobile units of the Ukrainian army. After the defeat of the year 2015, Ukraine again raised its army. Russia has been planning for many years to make Ukraine armyless. But when Putin started the war this year, he faced an army that was stronger than ever in Ukraine. Let us tell you that the Ukrainian army now has the right to take decisions even at the lowest level.

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