March 27, 2023

Russia ukraine war european union bans export of toilets to russia to punish putin

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European Union’s big decision to teach Putin a lesson.
The European Union has banned the export of toilets to Russia.
Earlier, Russian soldiers have been seen stealing toilets in Ukraine.

New Delhi. The Russia-Ukraine War is about to complete one year this month. Since the beginning of the war, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been attacking Ukraine and the Western countries helping it. At the same time, the European Union is continuously imposing strict sanctions on Russia. The European Union has once again taken a major decision on the export of goods to Russia. The European Union has banned the export of toilets to Russia to teach Putin a lesson for his invasion of Ukraine.

According to the report of Daily Mail UK, this can have a great impact on Russian citizens. One in five do not have indoor plumbing in their homes. The situation is so bad that toilets have been looted by soldiers fighting in Ukraine to send their people back to Russia. Earlier this type of incident was brought to the notice of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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“Russians used to talk about their greatest dream, to see Paris and die… but now their dream is to steal a toilet and die,” Zelensky said last April. Along with this, just last month, he had again highlighted this issue. He said let them take the toilet bowls. They’ll need them on the street, maybe they’ll need them at home too.

The embargo is one of a list of goods that Russia has been barred from buying from European countries. This includes all European wash basins, toilet pans, flushing parts and sanitary ware. Britain has supported the ban, despite being outside the European Union. These measures can be made more strict in the coming weeks. Because on February 24, one year of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will be completed.

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