March 25, 2023

Russia-Ukraine War: Amidst Russia’s intensifying attacks, India’s advice to citizens – ‘Leave Ukraine as soon as possible’

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Kiev. In the midst of intensifying Russian attacks in Ukraine, India on Wednesday issued an advisory asking all its citizens to avoid traveling to Ukraine, citing the “deteriorating situation” in Ukraine and advising citizens already there to leave the country as soon as possible. of given.

In a statement issued on its Twitter handle, the Indian Embassy in the capital Kiev said, “In view of the deteriorating security situation across Ukraine and the recent escalation of fighting, Indian nationals are advised not to travel to Ukraine.” At the same time, Indian citizens including students currently in Ukraine are advised to leave Ukraine at the earliest using the means available here.

Power cuts in many areas of Ukraine due to Russian attacks
This advisory has been issued by the Indian Embassy at a time when Russia is continuously launching missile attacks and shelling on this neighboring country. Many villages, towns and two cities of Ukraine were plunged into darkness without electricity due to these relentless attacks by Russia.

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According to Ukrainian officials, Moscow is carrying out attacks on its energy installations in order to bow down to Kiev. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Ukrainians to try to save the country’s energy installations ahead of last night’s attacks.

Russia imposed martial law in four regions of Ukraine occupied by it
On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday declared martial law in four regions of Russia-occupied Ukraine. He also granted additional emergency powers to the heads of all regions of Russia.

Putin did not immediately specify the steps to be taken under martial law, but said his order would take effect Thursday. In his order, he has given three days time to law enforcement agencies to submit specific proposals. During this, the Russian army evacuated its occupied areas from the common people. (with AP input)

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