March 25, 2023

Russia said- Poland missile attack was a gift of Ukraine, it was a trick to bring NATO into war

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Russia said that Ukraine and Poland want to bring NATO to war
Zelensky accused Russia of shelling shortly after the explosion in Poland
Ukrainian missile fell in Poland, according to US officials

Moscow, After the death of 2 people due to Russian missile falling in Poland, there is a constant fear of war between NATO and Russia. Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzya said on Wednesday that statements from Warsaw and Kyiv sought to escalate the direct Russia-NATO confrontation over the missile incident in Poland. He told a meeting of the United Nations Security Council that if the meeting had not been scheduled, it would have been convened to discuss efforts by Ukraine and Poland to provoke direct conflict between Russia and NATO. Absolutely irresponsible statements given by the leadership of these two countries cannot be easily ignored.

Ukraine wants to start a war?
Nebenzya said that Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky immediately after the explosion in Poland accused Russia of shelling. He told UN members that the statement came from a person who could not fail to have information that it was Ukrainian missiles fired by an air defense system that fell in Poland. Vassily Nebenzya insisted that this meant that this was not just deliberate disinformation, but a conscious attempt to provoke NATO. According to Nebenzya, Ukraine wants to bring NATO into the war on one pretext or the other. He said the first pictures from the scene of the explosion made it clear that it was a Ukrainian air defense missile that fell in Poland.

US officials told Ukrainian missile
The Associated Press reported on Wednesday, citing US officials, that preliminary findings suggest the missile that hit Poland was fired by Ukrainian forces at an incoming Russian missile. Even before this, Biden had said that it is possible that this missile was not fired by Russia. On the other hand, News 18 had told in its report that the missile fired to stop the Russian missile may have misfired and fell in Poland. Since a large part of the missile near Ukraine is also made in Russia, there was a possibility that the debris of the Russian missile found in Poland was due to the same reason.

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