March 27, 2023

‘Russia is trying to eradicate us from the earth’ – Ukrainian President Zelensky said on missile attacks

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Zelensky has accused Russia of trying to eradicate Ukraine from the earth.
Russia attacked last night in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya city.
At least 17 people have died in this attack.

Kyiv. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday that several people were killed and injured in missile attacks on various cities in the country. Along with this, he accused Russia of trying to wipe Ukraine from the face of the earth. Zelensky told the Telegram messaging app that they are trying to destroy us and wipe us off the earth.

According to the news agency Reuters, President Zelensky further said that he killed our people in Zaporizhzhya who were sleeping at home. Killed people who were going to work in Dnipro and Kyiv. Significantly, Russia has attacked last night in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya city. At least 17 people have died in this attack.

According to city council secretary Anatoly Kurtaev, Russian military launched a massive rocket attack on the city last night, destroying at least five houses and injuring about 40 others. At the same time, the Ukrainian army also confirmed the attack, saying that dozens of people have been injured in these.

According to the report, 75 missiles have been fired at the capital Kyiv. However, 41 of those missiles were shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force. It is being told that missiles have also been fired at the office of President Zelensky. As of now it has not been officially confirmed.

Earlier on Saturday, there was an explosion on a bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula with Russia. Due to which the bridge partially collapsed. Russia sends military equipment for war in southern Ukraine through this bridge. It is known that Zaporizzia has been targeted several times in recent weeks.

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