March 25, 2023

Russia has finally told the date of the third world war! Said- If Ukraine took this step then…

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Russia’s powerful Security Council deputy secretary said NATO will become the cause of the third world war
If Ukraine becomes a member of NATO it could lead to a third world war
A senior NATO official said that Russia should not make the mistake of carrying out a nuclear attack

moscow, NATO could soon lead to the third world war. Russia’s powerful Security Council deputy secretary, Alexander Venediktov, told state news agency Tass in an interview on Thursday that it could lead to World War III if Ukraine becomes a member of NATO. TASS quoted Venediktov as saying that Kyiv is well aware that such a move would mean a guarantee for the Third World War.

At the same time, Venediktov reiterated Russia’s position at the UN that the West had signaled by helping Ukraine that they were a direct party to the conflict. Let us tell you that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky announced to apply for fast-track membership of the NATO military alliance only after President Vladimir Putin’s decision to declare the partially occupied territories as Russian land. Since this decision of Ukraine, Russia has been continuously threatening nuclear attack.

NATO will act in case of nuclear attack
For the first time since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats, NATO has made a big statement about sending its army to war. A senior NATO official said on Wednesday that a Russian nuclear attack would change the course of the conflict, according to a Reuters news agency report, in which NATO could also attack Russia. The official told a meeting of NATO’s nuclear planning group on Thursday that the consequences of any use of nuclear weapons by Moscow would be extremely damaging to Russia.

A NATO official said that a nuclear attack by Moscow could certainly compel NATO, including many of Ukraine’s allies, to take military action. He said Moscow is still using its nuclear threats mainly to prevent NATO and other countries from entering its war directly with Ukraine.

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