March 23, 2023

Russia furious after losing Kherson, rapid missile attack on many cities of Ukraine including Kyiv

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Kyiv. Russia rained missiles on several cities, including the capital of Ukraine, on Tuesday after a humiliating retreat from Kherson. This is happening while there are indications that Russia’s retreating army is moving further south from the Dnipro River. Ukrainian officials reported Russian airstrikes across the country. Kyiv is also among the cities that were targeted in the Russian airstrikes.

Residential buildings and other places were targeted in the airstrikes on Kyiv. Along with this, power plants were also attacked due to which power supply was disrupted. These attacks have been done after the warning of airstrikes across Ukraine. The attacks came as Ukraine regained control of the southern city of Kherson last week. It is one of the biggest military successes so far in the nearly nine-month Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Russia has been targeting Ukraine’s power grid in recent months. It seems that Russia is using winter as a weapon by doing this so that the people of Ukraine are forced to chill with the cold in winter. Areas where officials reported attacks included Lviv, Zhytomyr, Khmelnitsky and Rivne in the west and Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, in the north-east.

Several missiles also fell in Krivi Rih, the native city of President Volodymyr Zelensky. This information was given by its Mayor Alexander Wilkul. President Zelensky said that the main target of the missile attacks was, as before, the energy infrastructure. He said in a video released on the Telegram messaging app, ‘It is clear what the enemy wants. He will not be able to achieve it. Kyiv has said such attacks reinforce its resolve to repel Russian forces that invaded in February.

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