March 25, 2023

Russia bluntly to America, said – no talks with any conditions, attacks on Ukraine will continue

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Moscow. Russia is ready for talks to resolve the Ukraine crisis, but it does not accept America’s pre-conditions for talks. Russia has said that it will not negotiate with President Vladimir Putin under any conditions. Russia has given this information rejecting the terms of discussion with US President Joe Biden. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said on Friday that Russia prefers the diplomatic way to resolve the Ukraine crisis, but it will not accept America’s conditions. Significantly, the US President had said that the discussion would be possible only after Russia leaves Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden said that he is ready for talks with Putin if he really wants to find a way to end the war and he is interested in taking a decision in this regard because he has not done so yet. Biden said that ‘the only and rational way to end this war is for Russia to get out of Ukraine. Responding to this, Peskov said that America and Russia should discuss the issue of Ukraine at this time, but there was not enough space for this. The US has still not recognized the new territories that have joined the Russian Federation. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to find possible grounds for discussion between the two countries.

Significantly, during the Ukraine war, the former Ukrainian territories have joined Russia after the referendum. Ukraine objected to this and rejected Russia’s claim, calling the referendum a ‘sham’. Ukraine has resolved to continue the war. At the same time, Russia has also refused to back down.

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