March 23, 2023

Robot talking like humans reaches museum, asks people about their well being, watch video

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Viral Video: In this era of science and technology, things are changing rapidly. Computers and artificial intelligence are taking away work from humans. The most recent example of this is this robot. Although you must have seen many robots, but the robot we are going to talk about today is very special. Actually this robot can not only walk but also talks like humans. Therefore, this very special robot has been kept in a museum in Dubai as a staff.

The name of this robot is Ameka. It has been made by Cornwall-based firm Engineer Arts. A video has been shared on the official Instagram page of Dubai’s Museum of the Future. It can be seen in this video that he is greeting the guest coming to the museum and he is talking to her.

Robot answers questions
According to the company, Ameca can answer questions and give instructions to people. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is capable of doing such work. Not only this, but it also has the ability to make different facial expressions, such as barking, smiling, blinking and cleaning your lips. In a video posted on Instagram, the robot is interacting with a woman, who is likely to be an employee of the museum. The bot assured him that he was there to help and not change.

very special design
America will be placed outside the Tomorrow Today exhibit at the museum. The event showcases nearly 50 technological innovations that can “solve world challenges.” Amica is said to have been specifically designed as a platform for developments in future robotics technologies.

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