March 23, 2023

‘Quickly all Indians should leave Ukraine’ …. Indian embassy warns, know the reason

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Indian Embassy in Ukraine said- ‘All Indians should leave Ukraine quickly’
This decision was taken in view of the security of Indians in the escalating war.
Helpline number has also been issued for any problem

Kyiv. The Indian embassy in Kyiv on Tuesday issued a fresh advisory asking all Indian nationals in Ukraine to leave the country immediately in view of the growing hostility and the embassy has also issued a helpline number for any trouble. The impact of the devastation caused by the Russia-Ukraine war is visible all over the world. People who have gone from other countries have also fled from there. In view of the safety of the Indian people trapped in Ukraine, India also brought them back to their country under Operation Ganga.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine, in an advisory posted on its Twitter handle, said, “Some Indian nationals have left Ukraine as per the earlier advisory. In accordance with the advisory issued by the Embassy on 19 October, all Indian nationals in Ukraine are advised to leave Ukraine immediately by available means.”

The embassy in its latest advisory has given contact numbers for “any guidance/assistance required to travel across the border”. Three numbers have been issued which are as follows – 380933559958, 380635917881, 380678745945. The Indian Embassy in Kyiv issued an advisory on 19 October asking Indian citizens to leave the country in view of the deteriorating security situation in the wake of the conflict. In view of the deteriorating security situation and the recent escalation of hostilities in Ukraine, Indian citizens are advised not to travel to Ukraine, the advisory said.

War between Russia and Ukraine has intensified after a truck exploded on the Crimea Road Bridge, setting fire to seven fuel tanks on a train bound for the Crimean peninsula. The Crimean Bridge was opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018, four years after Moscow annexed Crimea and was designed to connect the peninsula to Russia’s transport network.

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