March 23, 2023

Putin’s secret army was behind the letter bomb found in Spain, the aim was to spread fear in Europe!

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In its report, the newspaper has linked the letter bomb incident in Spain to Russia’s military intelligence agency.
A total of 6 letter bombs were recovered in the months of November and December last year.

Moscow. Suspicion has deepened on Russia’s Military Intelligence Agency regarding the Spain Letter Bomb incident. The New York Times reported on Sunday, citing unnamed US officials, that Russia’s military intelligence agency had ordered the Petersburg-based White Militant Group to run a letter bomb campaign. Let us tell you that Spain’s high profile government, military and diplomats were targeted through 6 letter bombs in November and December last year. According to media reports, this intelligence agency had assigned the task to a militant group for this attack.

6 letter bombs found in spain
Six letter bombs were sent to high-profile government, military and diplomatic targets in Spain in late November and early December. So that Ukraine can withdraw the support given in the war and spread fear among European countries. According to the New York Times, Spanish investigators working with their US and United Kingdom counterparts believe the GRU’s 161st Special Purpose Specialist Training Center in Moscow used the Russian Imperial Movement.

Suspicion of supporting Russia in letter bomb campaign
Citing unnamed US officials, the newspaper wrote, “Through the letter bomb, it was intended to indicate that Russia and its proxies could carry out terrorist attacks across Europe.” Explain that in 2020, the United States promoted the Russian Imperial Movement, which operates military-style training centers in St. Petersburg, as a terrorist group.

Russian Imperial Movement accuses Putin of corruption
The unnamed US official said, “The ability to occasionally use the Russian Imperial Movement as a proxy force is useful for Russian intelligence. Especially the rival countries have difficulty in taking action against Russia. There is no clear information about the Kremlin’s involvement in the letter bomb campaign. However, the Russian Imperial Movement has criticized the Kremlin’s war effort in Ukraine and accused President Vladimir Putin of corruption.

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