March 27, 2023

Putin’s plan B for the war against Ukraine! Preparing to send 5 lakh soldiers to war

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Putin prepared Plan B for the Ukraine war.
5 lakh forcibly recruited soldiers will be sent to Ukraine.
For this, Putin secretly prepared to change the law.

Moscow. The ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia is not taking the name of stopping. Now this war is about to complete one year. But there is no hope of a settlement in sight. Meanwhile, now Russia is making fresh preparations to attack Ukraine, for which a plan has been prepared to send 5 lakh people forcibly recruited into the army. It has been suspected that secretly Putin has also made preparations to change the law. The Russian government has secretly removed a rule that exempted fathers of three or more children from conscription.

The property of those who leave the country will be confiscated
The Russian government is also preparing to confiscate the assets of individuals who have fled abroad to avoid joining the war effort, the Daily Mail reported. Let us tell you that in the month of September last year, when common people were forcibly sent to the army, people started running away from the country. The situation had become such that the government had issued instructions to the airline companies that while booking tickets, the permission letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs to go to another country would have to be shown.

Rumors are flying about martial law
According to a report in The Telegraph, Moscow’s mayor’s office has been asked to hire more staff to recruit people into the army. Along with this, the leave of some employees has also been cancelled. At the same time, fear has spread in the country even after the rumors floating on social media about martial law. However, the Kremlin has denied any such reports. Let us inform that due to the mobilization i.e. the recruitment of people in the army, the war with Ukraine can go on for a long time. Whereas in the beginning the Kremlin hoped that now the war would last for a few more days.

War with Ukraine may go on for one more year
“If Russia announces another wave of mobilization and increases its armed forces, the war with Ukraine could go on for another year,” Konrad Muzyka, head of defense consultant Rochan, told The Telegraph. Many of the 320,000 sent to the front lines in September are feared dead.

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