March 21, 2023

Putin’s instructions to journalists reporting the war, said – avoid using these words

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Almost nine months have passed since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.
Due to the decision of the Putin government, discontent is spreading among the people in Russia.
Russia has issued instructions to journalists telling what kind of words to use in war news.

New Delhi. The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for months. Meanwhile, now the Putin government has to face the dissatisfaction of the people of its own country. For this reason, the Russian administration has issued guidelines especially for journalists regarding the use of words in war news. New guidelines are being issued for journalists to prevent public dissatisfaction due to the Ukraine war in Russia. In fact, according to the intelligence agencies of the Defense Department of Ukraine, journalists have been instructed not to use certain words and use certain words so that there is no anger among the common people against the war in Russia.

According to the guidelines, instructions have also been given not to use the word mobs i.e. mobs for those who are coming forward or protesting against the war in Russia. In addition, the Russian manual calls for the military leadership of Ukraine to use a term such as the Western Defenders of Kyiv. Apart from this, people who have left Russia after the announcement of mobilization in Russia have been asked to make fun of and use the words fugitives and travellers.

In fact, the main reason behind the new manuals and directories for journalists is that the discontent about the war is increasing in Russian society and the Russian administration is trying not to increase this discontent among the people with the use of words. Ukraine’s intelligence agency claims that the Russian government’s propaganda is aimed at manipulating people, not finding a solution to the problem. Apart from this, efforts are also being made to take action against people on a large scale in Russia, those who are trying to mobilize.

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