March 23, 2023

Putin furious in emergency meeting, instructed to destroy Ukraine with powerful missiles!

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Putin says Russia will soon give a befitting reply to Ukraine for terrorist attacks
Ukraine was also held responsible for the missile attacks on the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.
Putin says it has become difficult for him to leave Ukraine without being taught a lesson

Moscow, Putin has blamed Ukraine directly for the attacks after the explosion on the historic Kerch Strait Bridge connecting Russia to Crimea. At Russia’s powerful Security Council meeting, President Putin passed a resolution to destroy Ukrainian energy, military and communications facilities with his powerful missiles, discussing the Kerch Strait Bridge blast and the strategy ahead. The Kremlin’s official news briefing said that Russia would soon give a befitting reply to Ukraine for these attacks.

Putin, who looked tough during the meeting, said forensic and other expert data showed the October 8 blast was an act of terrorism aimed at destroying Russia’s civilian and critical infrastructure. Putin also clarified that Ukrainian special services were behind these attacks. The Security Council said the Kyiv regime has long been using terrorist methods, including the killings of public figures, journalists and scientists in both Ukraine and Russia. Russia has also blamed Ukraine for missile and artillery attacks on Europe’s largest Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

Terrorist incidents in Russia
The President has also held Ukraine’s special services responsible for the terrorist incidents happening in Russia. Putin called Ukraine the mastermind for the attempted attack on the Turkstream gas pipeline system, including three terrorist acts against Russia’s Kursk nuclear power plant. Vladimir Putin further said that Russian representatives are not allowed to participate in the investigation into the causes of the explosion and destruction of international gas pipelines operating under the Baltic Sea. But we all know who benefits from this.

‘Ukraine like terrorist organization’
At a Security Council meeting, Putin compared the Kyiv regime to international terrorist groups, making it clear that it was now difficult for him to leave Ukraine without being taught a lesson. Russia has since launched a massive strike with long-range precision air, sea and land-based weapons against Ukrainian energy, military and communications facilities. In this sequence, more than 70 missiles fired by Russia are also being seen on Kyiv, in which the city’s power system has been seriously affected.

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