March 27, 2023

Putin became a soldier in the midst of Russia’s defeat in the war! Jumped into the field with a sniper in hand, read what is the matter

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Putin tried his hand with the soldiers mobilized on Thursday
Russian leader gave his support to the soldiers by using a sniper rifle
Martial law declared in four occupied areas of Ukraine to exempt military

moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday inspected a training ground for mobilized soldiers where they were seen trying their hand at a sniper rifle. Putin’s sniper wielding was clearly intended to show his personal support for soldiers going to fight in Ukraine. The Kremlin said Putin was accompanied by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on a visit to Ryazan, southeast of Moscow, who told him how the troops were being trained.

Efforts to raise the morale of soldiers
Putin’s visit comes a day after raising the war footing and declaring martial law in four of Ukraine’s occupied territories. After the defeat in many places in Ukraine, Russia is renewing its strategy, in which Putin also came to see the training of new mobilized soldiers. Currently, Russia is recruiting more than three lakh youths for war in the army through partial mobilization.

Will take big action in occupied areas
According to Russian state media, messages were sent to residents of Kherson to evacuate the area immediately. According to the report, more than 5,000 people have been evacuated in the last two days. Ukraine has intensified retaliation, pushing the Russian army back about 20–30 km (13–20 mi) since Kherson was declared Russian territory in the past. Russia fears that if major action is not taken in time, Ukraine may also take back Kherson.

Russian governor Vladimir Saldo in Kherson said authorities were moving civilians to the left (east) bank of the Dniepro River to “keep people safe” and allow the military to “act resolutely”. The governor said that 10,000 people would be evacuated daily for the next six days amid the tense situation. Also in some areas of Russia there is a plan to keep the rescued people from Kherson.

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