March 28, 2023

Preparations for the worst attack on Ukraine! Hypersonic missiles deployed, what is Putin’s next plan

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Russia has launched a ship equipped with hypersonic missiles in the Atlantic Ocean.
Putin said that these weapons will protect Russia from possible threats.

Moscow. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine will soon complete one year. But the deadlock between the two countries is not taking the name of ending. While Ukraine is requesting help from other countries including America. At the same time, Russia is continuously attacking Ukraine on its own. Russia is constantly insisting on the use of state-of-the-art weapons in the war to suppress Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia’s Putin government has sent a frigate equipped with new generation hypersonic cruise missiles to the Atlantic Sea, making it clear that Russia is not going to back down in the war.

The speed of hypersonic missile is five times faster than the speed of sound.
Explain that Russia, China and the United States are in a race to develop hypersonic weapons. The speed of hypersonic missiles is five times more than the speed of sound. By using such missiles, the enemy can be easily dominated. In a video conference with Defense Ministers Sergei Shoigu and Igor Krokhmal, Russian President Putin said that the ship Zircon was equipped with hypersonic weapons.

The ship is equipped with hypersonic missile system
“This time the ship is equipped with the latest hypersonic missile system ‘Zircon’,” Putin said. Apart from this, Putin said, “I am sure that such powerful weapons will firmly protect Russia from possible external threats.” Putin said that the weapon has no analogues in any country in the world. More than 10 months after Putin sent troops into Ukraine, there is no end in sight to the war. Several hundred soldiers were killed on both sides but till now the war has been inconclusive.

89 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine attack
At the same time, due to the detection of signals from unauthorized use of mobile phones by Russian soldiers, Ukrainian rockets attacked the place where they were staying. Russia’s military said on Tuesday that the number of soldiers killed in attacks in Ukraine over the weekend had risen to 89. Lieutenant General Sergei Severyukov said in a statement that due to the signal of the phone, the Ukrainian army came to know about the location of the military personnel and launched the attack.

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